Wednesday, January 25, 2012

This purse cost me a whole two dollars. I love finds like this! It was cute enough as it was - just a simple off white leather purse. But I'm not always one for minimalism - mostly, but not always. This shines through when I'm DIY-ing, that's for sure. 

I was inspired by several of this year's neon runway looks and felt I needed to translate it into a useful everyday piece. 

Anyone can make a bag like this for themselves, it's easy to find one, easy to do and will have all your girlfriends asking you: WHERE DID YOU GET THAT!?

1. You guessed it. Neon spray paint.
2. A leather or faux leather purse 
3. Painter's tape
4. Newspaper 

Section off the areas you don't want to spray using your painter's tape or newspaper. 

Be careful to cover up the hardware!
Spray an even coat over the entirety of the area you want to cover. You may want to do more than one coat, depending on the fabric of your bag. I only used one, but two would have probably made it more vivid.

Allow your bag plenty of time to dry in a warm safe place. Maybe a few days, depending on how many layers you choose to paint. 

Leather is a little porous so it may take a while to dry.

After the bag has dried, you can remove the tape and rock that thang'. 



  1. oooo love this! too cute :)


    1. Thank you! I absolutely adore your blog, by the way... I read it all the time!

  2. Love it! Did you have to buy a special kind of spray paint so that it stayed on the leather? Or will pretty much anything stick to it?!

    1. Nope, just regular old neon spray paint! A lot of people asked me if they needed some kind of base paint, but honestly, I didn't use one, I just sprayed it with the regular neon twice for good measure and let dry. So easy and it came up so bright and vivid!

  3. Great idea! Do I try too. Thank you!