Thursday, August 30, 2012

"Rules are mostly made to be broken and are too often for the lazy to hide behind." 
- Douglas MacAurthur

I've never been much for rules. Which could be why I was constantly in trouble as a kid, spending much of my childhood in detention for various offenses. I (unfortunately) went to a private school where punishment consisted of forced transcription of Bible verses and an occasional paddling (which happened more than just occasionally for me - hah.) But somehow I turned out alright. ...I think? 

I remember most of my infractions were somehow fashion related, like wearing too many bracelets, or glitter eyeshadow. (Hey don't judge me! It was cool in middle school!) I was also constantly in trouble for my skirt length, short length or not having my tie correctly fastened to my blouse (Which, hilariously enough eventually led to my private school expulsion) So, really, in essence - we can just go ahead and say that the end of my private school career was a result of breaking the rules. The fashion rules.

Rihanna has the right idea - wearing white at the Met Gala
via Getty Images

Speaking of fashion rules - and mind you, there exists quite a long list of faux pas to consider - (Scrunchies, sweatpants, sandals with socks...) but the ultimate of which, and anyone can tell you, is "NO WHITE AFTER LABOR DAY!" I put that in caps for emphasis you guys. 

But let's forget our Mother's outdated rules! As much as I love the Baby Boomers, and I do - they have put far too much emphasis on this rule for most of their existence. I applaud your dedication Boomers, but times are a changin'.
If you're still a little skeptical, that's understandable, but let's go over some facts for a moment. Is everyone ready for a brief history lesson? Okay good, lets go.

"No White After Labor Day" began around the turn of the twentieth century when wealthy upper crusters began to return from their lengthy and luxurious summer vacations. They put all of their summery white colored rich people clothes away in exchange for darker winter shades due to the inclimate weather that comes with the changing seasons. 

People spent more time walking out in the rain, slush, and mud at that point in history so it was impractical for them to wear white. It was pretty uncommon back then to see anyone at all wearing white after Labor Day unless of course you were standing at an altar. 

And so began a trend that would ruthlessly rule us for nearly a century.  But no more! To quote one of my absolute favorite designers (God rest his brilliant soul) Alexander McQueen, "It’s a new era in fashion - there are no rules. It’s all about the individual and personal style, wearing high-end, low-end, classic labels, and up-and-coming designers all together." 

I had always wondered why we were ruled by such a silly decree anyway. Why should anyone tell me what colors I can wear and when? Maybe that's my inner rebellious middle schooler talking, but I honestly never could grasp the concept. 

Lets break the rules together this season and wear some winter whites! Do I want you to look like a snow man? No. But it is totally possible to look chic and stylish without looking like you've tried too hard.

Don't be afraid to mix & match different shades of white either. I know it sounds awkward and possibly intimidating, but the end result is well worth it. You can also find a great guide on how to mix varying shades of white HERE via A BRUNETE.

Hakaan pencil dress / Alexander Wang crew neck sweater, $660 / Cropped t shirt / Alexander McQueen white jacket, $1,815 / Mango biker jacket / Stella McCartney wool pants / Alexander Wang studded heels / Patent boots, $160 / MeDusa white clutch / Beaded jewelry / H&M chain earrings, $4.74 / American Apparel leather hair accessory


Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Tonight's Late Night Snack is via Tea Time Magazine

How delicious do these look? 
For those health nuts out there - what a perfect snack! You'll have a sudden desire to call everyone you know over for tea at midnight after putting together these dainty (and delicious!) Cucumber Avocado Tea Sandwiches


Sunday, August 26, 2012

You may remember my previously noted obsession with GRIMES who's ethereal voice and creative style won me over without hesitation. Well, she's captured my attention again - and this time with her latest video for "Genesis" (Off of her new album Visions) in which she shares her love of far out fashion influences combined with medieval weapons. What? Yeah. Exactly.  

"Genesis" has a slightly apocalyptic/gothic feel that fools you into thinking you're watching some far out flick set in some distant, quirky future. It's like, "Oh! Snakes! Oh! Flaming swords and maces! Oh man, what a great spandex body suit with metal armor! I wish I had metal armor!" Okay, but really -- my inner monologue aside, the video is incredibly fun to watch and just as amazing to listen to. You wouldn't expect such a soft and sweet voice to come from someone otherwise so ballsy and experimental. I also can't stop envisioning Xena Warrior Princess with an electric twist. Or something. 

Oh and in case you're wondering - and I know you are, the techno temptress in the vulcan / chola makeup would be LA based rapper, Brooke Candy, who completely steals the show with her wow-worthy outfits and flowing dreadlocks. PLUS LOOK AT THOSE SHOES! Have you ever tried to traverse a desert landscape in flat forms? That girl deserves an award.  

Don't miss out on the fun -- go see what all the fuss is about. "Genesis" has over a million hits and has only been out for a few days. That says something, right?

Channel the techno apocalypse in this great Grimes-esque gear. You'll be prepared for zombies AND the dance floor.


Hedonia bustier crop top, $46 / Sheer legging / Black booties / Platform high heels / Bakers spike jewelry / Fingerless leather gloves / Lord & Berry matte lipstick, $17

All photos via Grimes' "Genesis" Video


Friday, August 24, 2012

Nestled in a little brick complex next to Mercy Lounge is Parlour & Juke, a delightful stray from the salon 'norm'; filled with eye-catching oddities and a rather impressive collection of taxidermy. You won't find pink sparkly things here. Orrrr abrasively baby doll-esque decorations - making P&J the perfect place for girls AND boys.

You can tell that she's spent plenty of time and consideration creating a unique and inviting environment that almost makes you forget you're in a salon and not in some rustic museum off a beaten path somewhere in Louisiana.
(Bon Ton, maybe??)
DeVaney is quite the antiquary, collecting anything with a bit of southern charm or anything that might raise an eyebrow. Taxidermy, vintage anatomy posters, horns and skulls - even the furniture is pleasantly dated and adds even more character and charm. The exposed white painted brick walls offer a perfect canvas for all of DeVaney's treasures and curiosities and compliment the wide windows that pour in the perfect amount of natural light. 

Plus I mean, really, where else can you find weaves hanging on wall mounted antlers? 

I was immediately greeted by the sweet salon coordinator who offered me a drink selection, and as hot as it was that Thursday I had to go for the iced coffee. She brought it out garnished with a sprig of mint and in ultimate southern style - a Ball Jar!

I couldn't stop looking around at all of the delights that the salon had to offer. The lack of frills and lace that most salons drown in definitely made P&J stand apart and I can say with absolute certainty that they are setting the standard for trendy salons. 

P&J offers amazing services to both genders - close shaves and beard shaping for busy gentlemen who would prefer to have someone else get that 'stache date night worthy and for sassy ladies - cuts, colors, waxing and blow dry services. (I love me a good blow out) Everything you might need for a night out, special occasion, or just because. 

You can find Parlour & Juke's list of services HERE + Twitter HERE.

Owner, Cali DeVaney


INSTAGRAM // AUG 12 - 24

 shelby bottoms / east side story / fresh blackberries / avocado & goat cheese sandwich / Recognize at Mai with my baby Darron / shelby bottoms II / imogene and willie / wilson county fair / wilson county fair what not to wear / shark tooth necklace / rosepepper cantina / urban outfitters / fancy shoes


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

1. Hang out with the beautiful babes of Wax Nashville's Nail Lounge for some midweek pampering, cocktails and sweet eats in celebration of their grand opening this Thursday (the 23rd) 6pm - 8pm. 

2. Levy's Clothier for Men & Women is presenting the F/W 2012 Armani Collezioni Line this Friday the 24th and Saturday the 25th from 10am - 6pm with special guests Stephanie Cozzi, the Vice President of Armani Collezioni and Carol Lipworth of Carol Lipworth Designs


Denim vests may not be your forte' but I'm begging you to give them a chance! You've rocked that same pair of perfectly washed and worn jeans all these years and grown to love and cherish them like children, and for good reason. You can pair denim with everything! You can even pair denim with denim (if you're brave. or just really awesome)
Take this fall trend out for a test drive without any serious commitment by picking up a worn out (see:loved) denim vest from your local second hand store and experiment. Buy a packet of studs and spikes, or give it a good sprinkling of bleach. The denim relics of the late eighties are plentiful in most second hand shops - a little reminder that trends always come around full circle. So give those old denim dinosaurs a chance and a little love!

Have you given this DIY a try? Do you have any tips or tricks that might be helpful? Let us know!


Needing no introduction,  Florence Welch of Florence and the Machine has garnered the attention of music and fashion lovers alike with her flirty and fiery personality and style to match. You know what they say about red heads, right?

I remember my first Florence experience - it was one of those epic (although I don't condone the use of this word outside of World of Warcraft chat rooms, it seems appropriate here) moments when a song just pierces through your heart and settles inside the deepest parts of you. I'm speaking of course about "Cosmic Love" off of her catchy 2009 album, Lungs.

Everything out of her mouth just meant something to me. Those intense love songs were jarringly haunting; I felt rattled to the core. Every woman who has ever loved and lost has at one time proclaimed "Cosmic Love" as her anthem, I promise.

When she's not busy winning over the hearts of countless romantically forlorn women, she's busy being tasteful and chic.  Florence has such a wide array of styles that she incorporates into her day to day looks, it's really quite impressive! 

 Florence is always going for bold, creative prints - most of which remind me of intricate tapestries or vintage wall-papers. Prints have really taken a trendy turn the last few seasons. Amazing separates, blazers, and my personal favorite incarnation, floral jeans.

These aren't your grandmother's printed separates. 

Karl Lagerfeld took notice of the fiery siren and her whimsical, sweet and stylish nature -- including introducing her 'Boticelli Venus style' from inside a massive white clam during the Chanel Spring 2012 Paris Fashion Week runway show. Florence looked like a vision! 

Chanel Spring 2012 Paris Fashion Week

Harpers Bazaar also channeled this glowing goddess with an incredible spread, incorporating soft lighting, flowy old Hollywood gowns and an ever so slight bohemian flair. All of my favorite things! Favorite thing overload! 

You can find the interview with Harpers Bazaar HERE & Florence's style profile HERE for more great Florence & The Machine Fashion.

 1. Source:  Chanel Ready to Wear s/s 2011 Getty Images - Bauer Griffin 2. Florence Welch at Mercury Music Prize 9th Sept 2009 3. Photo by Nina Westervell/MCV Photo for 4. Chanel Runway S/S 12 5. Chanel Runway - Getty Images 6-8. Harpers Bazaar UK July 2012 


Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Alright, so staring at all of this fall fashion has made me hungry...

If I'm going down, you're all going down with me! Indulge in some pre-Thanksgiving pumpkin lovin' with this Cinnamon Roll Pumpkin Vanilla Sheet Cake Recipe via Picky-Palate 


Friday, August 17, 2012

Hat: Vintage // Sunglasses: Anthropologie // Denim: Urban Outfitters // Tank: F21 // Skirt: F21 // Boots: Dolce Vita