Monday, January 6, 2014

I had the pleasure of meeting Glynnis Garcia, one of the talented and lovely ladies that make up Salon FX - a midtown salon and spa that can dish up just about whatever you might be looking for. They really are a total package, with salon services, hair services and of course for those of you already day dreaming about  spring and summer  - spray tanning.  I guess I've grown to love my Edward Cullen shaming white skin, but couldn't turn down the opportunity to "get detailed like a car" as Glynnis so adorably put it. And it was New Years Eve, so why the hell not.  
I've got to admit, I'm kind of loving convincing everyone I run into that I've been in Bali for the holiday. IM SO TAN. 
Not only was this sweet goddess kind enough to give me a golden glow, she gave me a great blowout and plenty of useful tips on how to achieve the same sleek look myself. My hair had the perfect loose curl by the time she was done.  

Right now Glynnis has some great client perks. You can get 20% off of your color service with either her, or Katie Carver. She also has a referral program where you can receive a free haircut if you refer a friend, or $10 off your service. 

Check out some of her amazing editorial work!

You can find more from Glynnis on her Facebook page HEREDon't forget to call or go online to make an appointment.615-321-0901

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  1. Awesome post! I need a good spray tan.

  2. love all red, white, and blue colors!