Monday, January 30, 2012

It's that time again, Music Monday! I can't get these out of my head. Now you won't be able to either. Ha. 

Terrified - Among Savages

Lana Del Rey - Born To Die



Saturday, January 28, 2012

If you haven't been swayed over to the pastel side yet, then now is definitely your opportunity. You've seen this color grace the runways this year, I'm sure, and I'm hoping you're slowly starting to reconsider. I had some strange deep seeded hatred for pastel colors for the longest time, only associating them with babies or Easter holiday,  both things I'm not particularly fond of. Slowly and surely, however - I'm becoming willing, if not eager to sport this beautiful color. 

You can mix this color along with any other pastel shade with neutrals for a lovely, dreamy look or take it to the next level and try color blocking, for example - mixing a mint shade with a deep jewel toned blue, or bright purple. Another option would be monochrome, which consists of wearing varying shades of the same color together in one outfit. 

Tara Jarmon top, $230 Floor length skirt, $270 ASOS flat heel shoes, $68 TOMS flat heel shoes, $54 ASOS knapsack bag, $68 ASOS pin bag, $36 Dorothy Perkins flower Ring, $15 American Apparel Bow, $8 Kara ross jewelry, $170 China Glaze - Re-Fresh Mint, $5.99 Mermaid's Tears - OPI - Nail Polish, $8.99


Friday, January 27, 2012

I found this colorful 1980's Dior makeup bag at a brilliant little local vintage shop,
GOODBUY GIRLS, for only $5! They are conveniently located just minutes from my home over in the Five Points area nestled inside the Five Points Collaborative (An Idea Hatchery).

Everything is vintage minus my Blazer which is from Urban Outfitters & Sunglasses.


Thursday, January 26, 2012

I, like many other fashion obsessed Broads stalk the internet for any morsel of fashion gold we can.  Occasionally, you strike it rich. Like today, with this delightful video created by Net-A-Porter with my absolute favorite style icon and fashion god - Karl Lagerfeld, who has created a newly (very newly) released collection for the brand, which you can view in all of it's Karltastic glory HERE.

This video is precious, but even more so, it's just plain brilliant. He interviews himself!

These will be the best nine minutes of your life.

You're welcome.



 Now I'll be the first to admit, my High school mornings consisted of stacking on layer after layer of bracelets. Hell, it's probably why I was late so often - but it looked awesome! It was also probably the only redeeming quality of my High school style. 

We've all seen our favorite bloggers (See: The Man Repeller) and fashion icons sporting this janglin' trend. (Also, insert Janglin - by Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros) Although it looks deceptively easy enough to put together a cohesive collection of bracelets, it can sometimes be tricky. 

1. Don't be afraid of mixing materials! Cloth, metal, beaded, or rope! 

2. Don't be afraid to mix metals. Some of you may be OCD, and can't stand to do this, but I love it.  If you're a little weary of this idea, try something simple like mixing silver with a rose gold, if yellow gold and silver is too much for you.

3.  ADD A WATCH! It's really that simple!

4. Make a few beaded bracelets, friendship bracelets or use some random materials you have laying around the house like strips of leather or twine. 

5. One hand or two? Some people choose to bling out only one arm. If you do chose to deck out your other wrist, I'd suggest one side to be more minimalistic. 

MIANSAI rope jewelry, $68 H M cuff, $14 Rolex vintage style jewelry, $8,495 Rubber jewelry, $25 Forever 21 rope Bracelet , $6.80 Aqua rope jewelry, $25 House of Harlow 1960 zigzag, $100 MIANSAI engraving jewelry, $86 Maria Francesca Pepe oversized jewelryCluny Cuff - DANNIJO, $495



Wednesday, January 25, 2012


So although I know the whole "SHIT ____ SAY" thing is totes overdone but bear with me and please, for your health - take a peek at this video from my oh so beloved OSCAR PR GIRL!


This purse cost me a whole two dollars. I love finds like this! It was cute enough as it was - just a simple off white leather purse. But I'm not always one for minimalism - mostly, but not always. This shines through when I'm DIY-ing, that's for sure. 

I was inspired by several of this year's neon runway looks and felt I needed to translate it into a useful everyday piece. 

Anyone can make a bag like this for themselves, it's easy to find one, easy to do and will have all your girlfriends asking you: WHERE DID YOU GET THAT!?

1. You guessed it. Neon spray paint.
2. A leather or faux leather purse 
3. Painter's tape
4. Newspaper 

Section off the areas you don't want to spray using your painter's tape or newspaper. 

Be careful to cover up the hardware!
Spray an even coat over the entirety of the area you want to cover. You may want to do more than one coat, depending on the fabric of your bag. I only used one, but two would have probably made it more vivid.

Allow your bag plenty of time to dry in a warm safe place. Maybe a few days, depending on how many layers you choose to paint. 

Leather is a little porous so it may take a while to dry.

After the bag has dried, you can remove the tape and rock that thang'. 



Oh, I could have gone out tonight. But I didn't. I stayed at home and read fashion magazines. 

When I was done reading fashion magazines, I read more fashion magazines.

And then I made tea. 
I really appreciate these nights.


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Lee Miller,  Paris 1929 by Man Ray

To say I'm obsessed with this beautiful mint shade gracing the upcoming spring runway would be putting it mildly.  Now to come up with a word describing my unhealthy obsession... 


Monday, January 23, 2012

These are my  favorite sounds for the week ahead. Best believe these will be on repeat.  I have to admit, at current, I'm unhealthily obsessed with Gotye, and even more specifically - his relatable lyrics and crooning voice.

1. Gotye - Somebody That I Used to Know



Saturday, January 21, 2012

This was one of my favorite DIY projects. I 
can wear it with anything! 

My favorite way to wear this adorable dip dyed blouse is to tie it up 80's style and pair it with high waisted jeans or my favorite American Apparel Disco Pants

 The best part about this DIY is that you can do this with just about anything. You could also try reverse dip dying a white maxi-dress, a cardigan or a cute pair of knee high socks.  The only problem you'll have now, is keeping your boyfriend from stealing it. 

1. A pair of gloves
2. Royal Blue Rit Dye (or any color, of course!)
3. A button up shirt 
4. A trash can and a large trash bag
5. Pants hanger to hang shirt upside down


Line the trash can with a trash bag. I would pick a large sized trash can that is tall and wide enough for your shirt.  Follow the instructions on the back of the Rit bottle (instructions differ dependent on what type of fabric you've chosen)

Fill the trash can bag up with hot water, include the dye and salt if needed (check bottle)
I hung my shirt from a skirt/pants hanger so that I could dip it in the bin upside down without getting the sleeves entirely soaked. I folded it up like so: 

Be careful when getting your shirt into the bin so you don't splatter the dye. Put on your gloves and adjust your shirt, making sure the parts you wanted to be dyed are submerged. Hang the shirt upside down and let it sit for a few hours. Once you've reached your desired color, just rinse the shirt out with cold water in the sink, throw it in the washer by itself for a quick wash. Dry it, and there you have it. 


SH*T FASHION GIRLS SAY (A Sh*t Girls Say Parody)

This is way too relatable. 

I think I laughed way too hard (and then watched it six more times)


Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Since it's cold outside and dancing freely in the grass is not a plausible option, I have nothing better to do than go out to eat, go out to drink, and go out to dance.  Not that I'm complaining.

My deep longing for the Summer months aside, I've turned to photography to make me feel better. You can't feel the cold in a photograph.

All pictures taken by me unless otherwise noted.

Pears & Camembert at MARCHE located in East Nashville

Sugar. My pet Chicken.

Taken at THE PHARMACY on W. Eastland Ave.  in East Nashville


Ever since I saw these Nicholas Kirkwood for Roksanda Ilincic S/S 2012 neon heels on a pair & a spareone of my favorite and frequently stalked DIY blogs, I was instantly obsessed with creating a DIY version myself.  This was quite possibly one of the easiest DIY projects I've done, although it does take a few days to complete if you want the paint to dry perfectly. 

I'd definitely like to thank Geneva for the creative inspiration, and also for including me on her blog, HERE


1. Neon Spray Paint 
2. Painter's Tape
3. White or Nude Spray Paint
4. Newspaper to work on

If the shoe is already white or nude colored, you won't need to spray the body a base color.

Use painter's tape to section off the body of the shoe so that it doesn't get sprayed.  

After sectioning off the heel with tape, spray a light coat of white or grey spray paint to use as a base. 

Allow this coat to dry over night, or for a day or two depending on the material of the heel. 

After the first coat is dry, spray an even coat of Neon spray paint in your color choice over the whole of the heel. You may want to repeat this process again for a deeper, more thorough coating. 

When the paint has dried, just remove the tape!


Monday, January 16, 2012

January always seems to be the longest month of the year, but I'm excited - 2012 is going to be a great year, Mayan apocalypse aside. I'm going to be working with a lot of amazing people this year, and I couldn't be more thrilled. 
Plus, need we forget that Nashville's Fashion Week is reaching its second year, and quite frankly I can't wait for that! Aside from the sheer elation I'm experiencing due to NFW, I'm in the process of finally finishing up a book I've been mulling over for something close to a decade. Not even kidding.  So, January you can take your time. I've got all the patience in the world. 

My fingers hurt from typing so much though, I could do without that. 

Here are some recent inspirations and lust worthy designs. 

Alexander McQueen

Ernest Hemingway

Miu Miu 

Sylvia Plath - Mad Girls Love Song


    Photograph by Terry Richardson


Oh to live the life of a typical Hollywood Celebrity. Showered in free swag, nearly drowning in free designer gowns, not to mention - you probably wouldn't have to pay for any of your own drinks. Even if you did, it would be because you're an independent woman and you'd want to. Hell yes. 

A girl can dream. 

Dreaming aside, but still on a similar note - these Golden Globe gowns were to die for. Or to live for.  
( I'm a glass half full girl )  Dreamy shades, sparkles in all the most appropriate places, not to mention the glorious cuts and drapes of each dress.  I'm including some of my favorite looks of the night, with my awkward commentary. Enjoy!


Emma Stone in Lanvin

Someone with the great taste of Emma Stone would most assuredly pick Lanvin to grace the Golden Globe's Red Carpet. Then again, I've never seen her in anything that makes her anything less than gorgeous. She really adds an edge to the flirty goodness of this dress with a hardware belt.

Evan Rachel Wood in Gucci 

Look at that neckline! I never thought feathers and sequins could ever possibly look this good together. It somehow reminds me of a Mermaid Bird. BUT I LOVE IT. I also love how her complexion and hair are so complimented by the shades used in this gown. 

Julianna Margulise in Naeem Khan

I've been in love with this woman since the glory days of E.R, you remember George Clooney, don't you? I love that she chose this dress for its simplicity. With such a deep color and a muted but perfect amount of sparkle, it really shows off her beautiful figure. And don't even get me started on those Earrings by  Lorraine Schwartz

Lea Michele in Marchesa

I could not possibly say a foul word against Marchesa. This brilliant duo of fashion goddesses create impeccable, perfectly composed gowns, I swear. Marchesa hits home on another note, so kindly deciding to show at Nashville's first Fashion Week. You can check out the footage HERE and a longer one HERE. THIS DRESS WAS STUNNING. Of course, Lea looks stunning too. 

Michelle Williams in Jason Wu

This dress was honestly one of my favorites. But then again, Michelle Williams is one of my favorites. Everything from her sweet little pixie locks, which every woman secretly wished they could pull off,  to her cute cheeks and naturally impeccable style. She is the epitome of modern beauty.  The shape of this dress, the color of this dress, the fabric. It all speaks for itself. 

Nicole Richie in Julien Macdonald

Oh Nicole, you're so adorable. I'm so in love with the color of this dress, and doesn't she look like Barbara Eden in her I Dream of Jeannie days? Beautiful. She really completes the look with the most perfect accessories. But thats not surprising considering she's the brain child behind

Zoey Deschanel in Custom Prada

I wish I could have a custom Prada gown! LUCKY! This design suits her, that's certain. Unique and edgy. The outfit really only becomes complete with that perfect hair cut/style of hers. Oh I wish I could pull off bangs... 

Kelly Osbourne in Zac Posen

I adore Kelly, and I'll gladly stand behind any fashion decision she makes! I love that she goes a little outside of the box. She's creative, and I love it. I also really love the structure of this dress and of course, the color is beautiful too. It compliments her dainty, soft skin tone and lavender hair color. 

All images via