Thursday, February 21, 2013

So, the future is here you guys. 

No, we haven't put men on Mars (or have we?) and there are plenty of other more pressing future related matters, like this weird crooked metallic space penis recently discovered on Mars or how about Earth's near miss with an Asteroid last weekend - Okay, well maybe not a complete miss if you want to say that pesky meteorite that broke a bunch of windows in Russia was somehow related. Either way. 

 Or maybe how weird it is to try to conceptualize what a 3D printer is and that it's capable of creating everything from a pen to a house

(Take my science hilarity with a grain of salt, please oh please.)

Is your mind blown yet?
Well, if I haven't accomplished that with a total rundown on what Science is up to these days - hopefully I can do so with this amazing, incredibly unbelievable thing called "Holographic Nail Polish"


Hear me out. Yeah, those of us obsessed with fashion have seen this trend on the up and up lately, and of course holographic nail polish isn't that new... but until recently it wasn't readily available.

 I remember trying to buy some a year or two back only to be met with obscene price points ($20 + a bottle! UNBELIEVABLE!) or it had to be shipped in from outside the U.S, which kind of intimidated me. I liked it, but I wasn't about to jump through customs hoops to get it.

Finally, one fateful shopping day at Urban Outfitters I spotted this little shimmery bottle from across the checkout. Eagerly waiting for a kind soul to take it home and love it. Which I did. Thoroughly.

And at only $10, who could say no.

I also picked up these bad boys. Slightly more expensive, yes - worth it? COMPLETELY!

Beam me up, Scotty. 


  1. Love the nail polish, I must find it!


    1. It's amazing! I'm sure they have it in your nearest store - if not, check !