Sunday, June 17, 2012

You must've been living under a rock this past year if you weren't already aware of this season's hottest hair trend. You can't flip through a single fashion magazine without coming across at least six variations of this sleek look. 

 Think modern sophistication meets wood nymph. Or something like that.

Image via Oracle Fox

Braids AND a hat? Shit yes. Via BonaDrag

 What has the convenience of  a ponytail without the boyish look? THIS THING. This tutorial for summer fresh braids can be found at

Kind of makes you want to yodel, doesn't it? Don't be shy. I'm really having a strong desire to up my braiding skills! Friends: Who will be volunteering (forced) into letting me practice? 

This website is great - lots of easy to understand instructions. LOVE IT. You can LOVE IT TOO and find the tutorial on Halo Braids HERE

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