Sunday, April 29, 2012

I can't stress enough how much fun Friday night was. Being surrounded by stylish, beautiful people was a huge plus, in addition to the absolutely amazing food and free drinks. Everything had such a perfect modern simplicity to it - I could not have been more impressed.  

A grand applause for all involved Friday night, you guys totally deserve it!


 Brenda + Reyna, my precious girl frayunds. 

Beautiful AMF founder and style goddess, Danielle Kimmey. 

Check out my stylin' man-tastic friend, Kevin of Yumi & The System - a great Nashville band you should totally check out. 

I spotted this fabulous man, Charles Lord - decked out in a design he created himself. I wish I had gotten a better shot of him full length, he had created an elegant, white "man romper" that blew my mind. I wanted one for myself. His accessorizing was also on point!

I was so delighted to run into this stylish bunch, some of my favorite Nashville fashion movers/shakers. I never see a single one of them in anything I don't absolutely love. 

Left, Balee Greer, Libby Broocks + Right, Lola Broocks

A few of the designers were absent for the night, but there was still plenty to look at. Each designer had a designated area set up displaying their designs. 

A photographer was on hand snapping pictures in the photo booth, and to make the evening even more magical there was a little set up complete with MacBooks so that you could make your purchases online and browse their wares. Too cute. 

The building was decorated in such a romantic meets rustic with a modern twist sort of way, it was hard to keep reality separate from the dreamy atmosphere.  I could also spend hours talking about how incredible and well prepared the food was. I need to know who catered - they should win an award, and at the very least, a big hug.  I'm just saying. 

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