Monday, January 14, 2013

Tucked away on Fatherland Street you can find all manner of gifts, fashion accessories, bath products, candles or even something for what ails you. Take a seat at High Garden Tea Room for a cup (or share a pot with friends) of tea, or maybe give Nashville's own BOOCH Kombucha a try ( I promise, you'll love it) or if you've got a runny nose, chapped lips or any other form of funk, I'm sure they'll have something to help ease your pain. 

In addition to enjoying great tea, take a peek at all the other joys that the Shoppes on Fatherland offer. Wildernest offers home goods for all! If you're a trinket person, this will be your Mecca. I mean, how cute are these sea horse salt and pepper shakers?! OMG. 

Baxter Bailey & Company offers prizes for your pooch. Everything from puppy coats, doggy beds and even their own unique and INCREDIBLY aromatic candles. I own one, and it changed my life. Or at least it covers up the smell of my two week old laundry basket. But still. 

Another favorite of mine is Pistils & Petals. Ten points for the name, and an extra 10 for the amazing logo. If there was a cute bomb, and it exploded, it would have created Pistils & Petals. Pick up a flower arrangement in a beautiful vintage vase! Their prices are in such an affordable range, you could have fresh flowers on your dinner table every week! Imagine what a world that would be.

Of course, I could go on and on - and the Shoppes On Fatherland indeed does, with several other fabulous, note worthy shops, but I'll leave some things to the imagination and let you do some exploring on your own. 

You can find a full list of the shops on The Shoppes On Fatherland's website HERE. I'll also note that two of my favorite businesses are also attached to the shoppes - Wax Nashville & Wax Nashville Nail Lounge. Don't forget to stop by and say Hi! 

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