Friday, July 13, 2012

Kimbra via Interview & Beat Magazine

With ruby red lips, deep black locks and dewy, porcelain skin, it's easy to believe that Kimbra was ripped right from the pages of our childhood fairy tales. 

There is certainly a fanciful and dreamy look surrounding her; at times I halfway expect to see an entourage of dwarves following close behind. But all of that implies a bit of childishness and Kimbra is anything but - even if she does parade around in babydoll dresses, ruffled socks and cute frilly things. 

Some of her most iconic pieces revolve around the use of playful, vintage inspired Peter Pan collars. I'm sure you've taken a notice to them over the past year as they've made their resurgence into the fashion world, bringing a wide spectrum of shapes, sizes and pattern variations with them. 


It's nearly impossible to go shopping these days without picking up a piece or two featuring the rounded or sometimes slightly squared shape. Dresses, tops, even jewelry is available to create a little childhood nostalgia for your wardrobe. If collared dresses and tops are too matronly for you, you could always give a detachable collar necklace a try - an easy and stylish fix for those who prefer not to commit too much to trends. 

Peter Pan collars aside, Kimbra also appears to have a soft spot for black, lace, hats, or anything flamboyant and off the wall (especially on tour or on television!)But when she's dressing for day to day things - she incorporates both styles to create an adorably chic look that stands out without being TOO loud. 

Get the Look:
 Dress up your skinny jeans with a flowy summer top (This one features a Peter Pan collar!) Throw on a cute hat and some stacked up flat forms and you're good as gold. Accessorize minimally when wearing a combination of trends - you don't want to over do it!


Top / Acne skinny jeans / Messeca high heels / Black hat, $78

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