Wednesday, September 19, 2012

I can't truthfully say I've always been a Kate Spade fan. Now, however, I can't keep my eyes off their bright vamped up styles.
I was really surprised at how much I'd fallen in love with the brand over the past year or so; mostly with encouragement from my bestie and her appreciation for all things Kate. What changed? Kate Spade welcomed Brad Goreski as the brand's exclusive stylist, and boy does it show!
I couldn't find one single thing in the entire store that I didn't absolutely love. For FNO Kate Spade in Green Hills had a sweet little selection of cookies, Cokes and Perrier, which always wins me over.
After browsing and drooling over everything bright, shiny and colorful, a delightful sales associate informed us of their FNO Flash Sale - offering a 60% discount on one of their most beautiful leather handbags that night only. If only you'd have been there for that moment and the look of ecstatic joy on my BF Codie's face! It was one of those "priceless" moments Morgan Freeman eloquently narrated for Visa.
In fact, I could almost hear him narrating the whole event. Codie picked the most beautiful beige quilted bag with gold accents. It was perfect down to every last stitch - the quality was incredible. Totally jealous. If that week hadn't of been when my rent was due, I'd have one too! Oh, responsibility. Ugh.

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