Thursday, May 9, 2013

I was going to say something all cutesy like "These are the REAL Local Honeys." but I thought I'd let these pictures just speak for themselves:

Model Peek-a-Boo!

Now. Just LOOK at this stylish group. All up on their A-GAME (I said that in a really sassy voice inside my head)  I couldn't possibly be more in love with men's collar embellishments! Let's just talk about this! If I felt it were acceptable to still be saying the word ' AMAZE ' I would.

Oh, and the stunner in the center is my fashion goddess Codie of A Brunette. She alters all of her own dresses. crafty. (and she'll let you shop her closet if you're real, real sweet.)

Babes in glasses. 

I stalk Renee's fashion from afar. I'm sorry I'm an internet stalker Renee! But really. This girl knows whats up. 

I'm wearing:  Skirt / Urban Outfitters + Top / American Apparel + Necklace / Vintage + Shoes / Jeffrey Campbell
I'm also wearing an awkward sunbeam as a chin-guard or something. sweet!

I bet you recognize this face! One of my favorite people to run into, Zoe of GIRL WITH THE FLOWER  always has on something incredible.  I feel like I'm surrounded by the glories of springtime every time I see her, and she's just as sweet.  She made that super cool blue fur bag! And probably everything else she's wearing. Can I plz borrow some of your crafty-ness?! 

I love it when ladies do dots & stripes! This whole outfit was summer time chic and that lipstick shade was a lovely compliment to her style. 

I'm not gonna lie, white pants are both my deepest love and darkest enemy. I can't own a pair because my face and utensils often torture me by failing to work properly when eating messy, greasy, stain-y foods. But I love them. SO, SO MUCH.  White pants I mean. Not stain-y foods.

But all that aside - this wonder-in-white pulled them off with perfection and brought the whole outfit together with a tough girl camouflage tee and 
cage-esque boots. 

The beautiful Balee Greer. Guess which collection she curated! 
I've never seen Balee in anything I haven't loved. She pulls off any trend with ease and if it isn't a trend yet, she'll create it. Even better? She has a spring and summer line that you'll swoon for. Best of all? It's super affordable. 

Stop by East Side's Wax Nashville Nail Lounge Saturday, May 11th 10am - 4pm for Balee's Trunk Show

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