Monday, April 23, 2012

For the past few years denim has taken a back seat to florals, exotic prints and a wide array of lace and frills. I must admit that for a while, I was glad it took a seat on the sidelines - in the early 2000's I saw far too many butchered denim mini skirts, jeans with butt pockets that were embellished to such a degree that you had to wonder if the wearer secretly dreaded sitting down for fear of pain - or at least mild discomfort. 

But suffice it to say, denim is back - with a vengeance. This time though, it's no joke. Minimalist styles and girlish cuts have taken the place of garish short-short minis, wide legged, overly embellished jeans have stepped aside for more modern, more flattering shapes - and I'm glad. SO GLAD.

Elle Magazine

I'm not sure of the photo credit - if you know, shoot me an email!

Jean Michel Cazabat - Ashanti Denim Platform

Free People - Denim Crop Top

Free People - Denim Bra Top


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