Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Just when I was foolish enough to think I'd seen it all in the world of eyewear, A-Morir proved me wrong. If some of these fantastical styles look familiar to you, odds are you've seen them on celebrities and style icons alike. Everything A-Morir creates is hand crafted, jaw droppingly unique and more fun than any New York Fashion Week after party. It's a party for your face! 

Some of A-Morir's more famous clientele include, of course, Lady Gaga, (Are you surprised?) Rihanna, Will I Am, Katy Perry & Emma Stone, One of our Nashville locals, K$SHA, and even Jersey girl - Snooki. You can find more celebrities in their favorite A-Morir shades HERE

Phillips, $250

Bootsy, $275

Lux, $350

Cass, $400

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  1. OMG! These sunnies are just beyond amazing!
    I just followed back sweetie, can you see me?