Sunday, August 26, 2012

You may remember my previously noted obsession with GRIMES who's ethereal voice and creative style won me over without hesitation. Well, she's captured my attention again - and this time with her latest video for "Genesis" (Off of her new album Visions) in which she shares her love of far out fashion influences combined with medieval weapons. What? Yeah. Exactly.  

"Genesis" has a slightly apocalyptic/gothic feel that fools you into thinking you're watching some far out flick set in some distant, quirky future. It's like, "Oh! Snakes! Oh! Flaming swords and maces! Oh man, what a great spandex body suit with metal armor! I wish I had metal armor!" Okay, but really -- my inner monologue aside, the video is incredibly fun to watch and just as amazing to listen to. You wouldn't expect such a soft and sweet voice to come from someone otherwise so ballsy and experimental. I also can't stop envisioning Xena Warrior Princess with an electric twist. Or something. 

Oh and in case you're wondering - and I know you are, the techno temptress in the vulcan / chola makeup would be LA based rapper, Brooke Candy, who completely steals the show with her wow-worthy outfits and flowing dreadlocks. PLUS LOOK AT THOSE SHOES! Have you ever tried to traverse a desert landscape in flat forms? That girl deserves an award.  

Don't miss out on the fun -- go see what all the fuss is about. "Genesis" has over a million hits and has only been out for a few days. That says something, right?

Channel the techno apocalypse in this great Grimes-esque gear. You'll be prepared for zombies AND the dance floor.


Hedonia bustier crop top, $46 / Sheer legging / Black booties / Platform high heels / Bakers spike jewelry / Fingerless leather gloves / Lord & Berry matte lipstick, $17

All photos via Grimes' "Genesis" Video

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