Monday, March 25, 2013

Remember me going on in previous posts about my love affair with gold? Well if you don't, I did! I've also been experimenting a lot with gold leaf - which has been quite the learning process. This stuff is finicky, but the end result is worth the effort. 

+Package of loose gold leaf (Found at any craft store!)
+Glue (I used Martha Stewart Craft's All Purpose Glue because everything she makes is awesome.) 
+A sponge brush with wooden handle (found in paint section)
+Masking Tape
+Toilet Paper Tube

+Tape off sections of the egg you'd like to gold leaf with masking tape. 

+Using the sponge brush, apply glue liberally to area that you'd like to cover.

+Take your fingers and grab a wad of gold leaf, then lightly tap the whole area as carefully as you can with your fingers to press gold leaf to the egg. 

+If you have difficulty with getting the gold leaf to stick, use the handle of the sponge brush to press down on the pieces section by section.

+If you want to do the entire egg, I'd suggest doing one end at a time. Cut down the toilet paper tube to a short length so that the egg rests on top and can dry one side at a time (this will keep the gold leaf from peeling off or getting stuck to whatever you set it on)

+Once your gold leaf pattern has dried - remove masking tape carefully. 

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