Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Happy New Year you guys! 
I hope you've all had wonderful holidays and are now blissfully in food comas, cuddling your empty champagne bottles or just basking in the glow of your 2013 accomplishments. 

And on the topic of accomplishments:

The 10th of this month will be my 2 year blogiversary! So, happy birthday, blog!

Oh how time flies. I'm getting anxiety as I type - knowing that in a single blink of an eye it'll be 2015. There are so many things on my New Years resolutions list! I better get started now! Maybe tomorrow. shit. the downward procrastination spiral begins.

my laziness aside...

I've had so much fun these past two years. I can't even produce words that match the feelings of sheer joy that I've gotten from finally taking the leap and staking out my own little portion of the inter-webs (otherwise known as my blog) and filling it with all that makes me happy.  

Not only that, but I've made so many friends along the way. The abundance of creative minds and open, warm hearts in this beautiful, beautiful town can be so overwhelming. I almost feel like my heart will explode when I think about all the people that I love here. All the inviting places I've been. All the places I'll go.  It's pretty mother freaking exciting. 

I wanted to say thank you to everyone who has been there with me each step of the way. When I was slacking, you'd keep me on my toes. Thank you for the support, the company, the collaborations and most especially - the fashion and friendship that you've all given me. 

I really value every one of you! And for those of you who I don't know so well - please don't ever be afraid to say hi. 

You guys can expect more from me in the future. Don't forget - #NashvilleFashionWeek is right around the corner. You can also keep up with me through Nashville Style Collective, which I can't wait to share more about.  LOVE YOU GUYS. 

I just wanted to share this beautiful quote by Kahlil Gibran which happened to be hanging on my friend Ruthie's fridge. I feel like quotes are always around, right when you need to hear them the very most.

Happy 2014.

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