Thursday, November 15, 2012

I think with the advent of this cold weather, I've caught a little  winter decorating bug.  All this time spent inside has made me go all Martha Stewart - cleaning, cooking, Googling DIY recipes for all natural laundry and dish soap.
You know, those kinds of things. 

Plus, now that our five person house has lost two roommates - there is plenty of space to spare, leaving a great big inspiring blank canvas to play with. 

We live in an adorable old bungalow on one of the most frequented streets in East Nashville, which makes it a prime location. The house has four bedrooms and two baths, not to mention a huge kitchen, entertainment area and dining room.  I've been absolutely dying to get my paws on it. 

Downside is: For the past billion years of its existence (okay, well maybe more like 7 years?) It's been predominately rented by college aged men (boys.) If this brief description doesn't paint a full picture for you, I really don't know what will.

Now to make this long story short: The house needs love. So much love. And someone with a vagina (myself) to love it. 

I've got a lot planned with my winter, including giving this little love nest an update. So with that in mind - the first place I turned to was Pinterest for a little inspiration. 


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