Thursday, February 14, 2013

If you asked me what item - if I could only pick one - I would want to be stranded on a desert island with, I'd give you an immediate answer: My tweezers. 

Plus, what better way to waste away my miserable life being stuck on a deserted island than plucking out my own hair? Paradise. Joking...

Alright, but anyway, I'm not quite sure what my point was there; I guess to just demonstrate the importance of a finely plucked brow. My gorgeous brow shaping goddess, Alyssa at Wax Nashville East also shares my sentiments.

 Brow shaping is important! So important!

Brows shape your face, bring out your features and portray your mood and personality. Important could even be an understatement! I went to Alyssa in desperate need of some instruction and a flattering brow shape - she gave me both and more, sharing her top five tips for achieving and maintaining GREAT brows. Those brows where girls be all like "girrrrrl where you get those brows?" 


 "Eyebrows are sisters, not twins!" Alyssa says light heartedly as we sit and discuss creating the perfect eyebrow shape. It's like she's shared the fountain of youth, one of those beauty tips that you'll share with all your closest girlfriends and live by until you pass, fashionably, into the afterlife. 

The key is to create the illusion that your brows are twins by shaping them in a way as to create symmetry, says Alyssa, ultimately, the whole goal of eyebrow shaping rests on creating the illusion that one eyebrow looks exactly identical to the other. No one wants a wonky brow.

Alyssa is a huge fan of the Billion Dollar Brow line (which is also available through Wax Nashville!) She suggests using their 'Brow Buddy Shaping Kit' to  create the shape you want first using their included White Shaping Pencil and Brow Buddy Tool. The kit is only $20! SO CHEAP! 

The kit will guide you and help you achieve a perfect arch by gauging where your brow should be. It takes into account your individual face shape and helps you find where your natural arch begins and ends. Billion Dollar Brows 'Brow Buddy Tool' is recommended by Glamour Magazine, and once you're familiar with the BDB products, you'll see why! 

Let's just put this one in CAPS. DON'T. I REPEAT, DON'T OVER TWEEZE. Several of my friends are OCD pluckers and can't stand the existence of one single stray. Alyssa also recommends avoiding the ever popular 'car tweeze' when ladies see the state of their wooly brows in natural light and end up  tweezer happy to the point that they barely have a brow left by the time they get done. This is a huge no no. If you want to be able to shape your brows, you'll need brows to shape. You get me?

I have a rather bizarre left brow. It doesn't quite come in as far as my right brow. I've been trying to allow it to grow out on the left side, but the process has been murderous due to my OCD nature and my nearly unbearable desire to yank out the awkward new hairs desperately trying to fill themselves in.

 If you're suffering from the same annoyance, a great step in the right direction would be to try BDB's Brow Boost, which Alyssa now has me hooked on. You'll be a firm believer after you see these incredible before and after photos of ladies using it! (They used it for 90 days and the before and after photos are completely untouched!) 

The BDB formula is enriched with vitamins that encourage growth. I'm already seeing a difference. I also use it to help keep my stray brows in place. Sometimes those pesky brows just need a stern hand!

If you do have a few longer stray hairs that you just don't want to tweeze, try trimming them down ever so slightly using brow scissors. After you've trimmed down your difficult strays, brush up using a brow brush to give them a full, fluffy model-esque look. Remember not to over trim - it can cause gaps! 

Of course trimming and waxing your brows yourself has its advantages, but having them professionally shaped, waxed and trimmed is better. I'm all about saving money, but sometimes spending is a necessary evil. Quality is always important, and trusting a qualified professional to help you shape and fill your brows will be worth every penny in the long run!

If your eyebrows need a little tinting, don't be afraid! Go up a shade or two if you have light brows. It will add a lot to your skin tone and face shape. I do want to be specific in this instance - Have a professional help you on this one. Shaping your brows is one thing, but tinting them is another. Alyssa wanted me to note that brow shaping is an art and she doesn't suggest going to just anyone or attempting to tint one's own brows. 

It's important, especially if you want to achieve the perfect color and shape, to see a professional! It's worth it. I promise.

After you've shaped and tweezed to your hearts content (or you've gone the extra mile to spend a few extra $$'s on having it done for you) You can cover up all that redness using another amazing BDB product, The Brow Duo Pencil - which doubles as both a concealer and a highlighter. Best combo ever, huh?

Fill in your brow after you've concealed and highlighted using the Universal Brow Pencil. It will help define your arches, fill in gaps and fluff out the spots that need a little somethin' somethin'. The great thing about the Universal Brow Pencil is - It's universal! This pencil can magically blend with any brow color. Someone call Hogwarts, ya'll. 


You can see how incredible Kristen's brows turned out! Of course she's beautiful anyway - but there's nothing like a stylishly shaped brow to compliment a beautiful face! 

If you aren't quite convinced what a good salon waxing can do for you, here are some great before and after photos via Alyssa! Look at those mad skills!

A BIG thanks to Alyssa for all her great tips and Kristen for the use of her lovely face! Visit these beauties at Wax Nashville for all of your waxing needs. They do it all. And when I say all, I mean ALLLLL. 

Have you ever heard of Vajazzling?! 

Find Wax Nashville East online HERE or on FACEBOOK 
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They also have an additional waxing salon in Belle Meade for those of you who aren't on the East Side. Waxing not your thing? Try the Wax Nashville Nail Lounge and get your nails done instead!


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