Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Denim vests may not be your forte' but I'm begging you to give them a chance! You've rocked that same pair of perfectly washed and worn jeans all these years and grown to love and cherish them like children, and for good reason. You can pair denim with everything! You can even pair denim with denim (if you're brave. or just really awesome)
Take this fall trend out for a test drive without any serious commitment by picking up a worn out (see:loved) denim vest from your local second hand store and experiment. Buy a packet of studs and spikes, or give it a good sprinkling of bleach. The denim relics of the late eighties are plentiful in most second hand shops - a little reminder that trends always come around full circle. So give those old denim dinosaurs a chance and a little love!

Have you given this DIY a try? Do you have any tips or tricks that might be helpful? Let us know!

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