Thursday, August 9, 2012

I've fallen in love with the creative nail trends of the last two years, watching them become more and more bold and somewhat outlandish. But the thing about them that I love the most is how personalized they've become. You can tell exactly who a girl is through her manicure. Timid, bold, a sports fan, a total queen, a no nonsense type. The list goes on. 

Find your own style with this helpful cheat sheet of manicure shapes via Nails Magazine.

You can find a detailed list on how to achieve this shape and others HERE.

We've spent so much of time past on drab shades of candy apple red, but no longer! Bring on the glitter, the gold, holographic, neon and reverse french manies!

What could be more stylish than well filed nails? Holographic well filed nails. I dreamt about such a magic as a little girl and I'm so pleased I've lived to see such a thing. In fact, the more holographic things I see the happier I become.

Image via Beautylish nail color via GOSH

There's some serious archaic power in flaunting long, pointed paws. Lana knows this, Adele knows this. Celebs are going the witchy route in full force this season. I can't imagine what we'll see when fall comes around.

Image via Terry Richardson

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