Monday, May 7, 2012

I was so excited to be invited by Levy's Clothier to come check out their beautiful spring styles this past week! Not only were the clothes spectacular and chic, but so were the sales associates! I also had the absolute pleasure of meeting Mrs. Ellen Levy, who gave me a great tour of the store and insight into how they choose the styles, colors and different collections for each season. Levy's really does take the cake for classic styles and timeless taste. Anyone of any taste or persuasion could shop there, and not only that, they have smart price points for everyone - which really made my heart happy. 

One of my favorites of the afternoon was this beautiful creation (Above) by the ever so talented Carol Lipworth who seamlessly blends earthy and natural jewels with modern of the moment styles.  

I can't think of an occasion or place where I couldn't wear these gold mineral / stone  bangles. I'd sleep in them too.

Mrs. Levy has quite an eye for beautiful colors - the whole store was overflowing with them!  

If you haven't done your Mother's Day gift shopping yet, HEADS UP!

If however, you're a gift card type of kid, Levy's offers gift certificates so Mom can shop for herself. Now, only one thing remains that is more amazing than that, and that is the fact Levy's offers complimentary standard alterations on its regularly priced items. 

If you haven't visited Levy's yet, you're missing out on a piece of American History, as  Levy's is recognized as the oldest Men's store in America!

I'm really not kidding when I tell you they have the most stylish men's wear I've seen around these parts. It is safe to say it's the closest you'll get to New York without buying a plane ticket. 

If you're a Brad Goreski fan and appreciate his wide array of perfectly printed bow ties - remember, imitation is the most sincere form of flattery!

And Ladies! Remember, bow ties can be for you too!

I'd also like to mention that Levy's was recently honored by Esquire Magazine and awarded "Best of Class - Gold Standard" in Men's specialty stores. This award is only given to an elite group of only thirty-five stores who are the best of the best in the business. Levy's has received this award biannually since 2001. 

Now that I've wowed you with the sophisticated styles of Levy's, you should all visit their website HERE for more about this long lived and long loved store.  


  1. Amazing photos! I love everything about all the pieces! the colours, the fabrics and most the details accent!

    Great post!




    1. Thank you! The colors were even prettier in person :D