Friday, April 12, 2013

FRIDAY 4/5/13

The dust is finally settling from an incredible Nashville Fashion Week, and I couldn't be any happier. Not happy that it's over of course but that it happened! I'm just so thrilled that this tiny community of fashion lovers has grown into a mass collective of fashion forward and fabulous ladies and gentlemen with the same passions and hopes for the growing industry here.

I've been in Nashville for something close to seven years now and the industry has grown so exponentially here that you wouldn't even recognize it - I swear! The fashion gods have smiled on our sweet, southern city! 

If you get a chance - be sure at thank all of the volunteers, sponsors, designers and co-founders for putting on such a spectacular event. We are so lucky to have such creative and hard working people on our side. 

The type of woman I'd envision in a Lagi Nadeau piece is effortlessly stylish. The Blair Waldorf type or a modern day Jackie O. Classic and sophisticated but with a girly edginess. She'd have a book in her bag for light reading and a Starbucks cup full of hot tea. She'd also have on sensible heels and probably won't ever admit to owning a pair of sweat pants. 

Abbi Ferrin has immaculate taste in embellishments - just look at the variety in her collection! I was obsessed with the mesh/sheer maxi skirt with the side slit. I'd wear it everywhere! Let's not forget all of the fringe and feathers, either. Embellishments really make an outfit and you can tell she paid close attention to placement and construction with each piece. What an eye for detail! You can also lust after her inventive convertible dress too. Put it on your  wish list, ladies, you need to own it! 

I hope I see 1970's Mod all over the place this fall because I'm so in love with it! Leona's jewel toned colors were all perfect for fall and the silhouettes were boxy and boyish but in the sexiest way imaginable. Bright prints were everywhere along with a selection of shirt dresses and cut-out shapes to complete the collection. I was really drawn to the peplum jewel color block top and the complimentary royal blue trousers. If I had this outfit I'd absolutely have to wear it with a set of spider like lash extensions Twiggy style. Perfection. 

Fashion label SAND has been around long enough to know exactly what works. They define themselves by three virtues: Passion, innovation and timeless design. I think we'd all make better wardrobe choices if we filled our closets only with things that met those standards. SAND just goes to show what hard work and an understanding of design will get you - a beautiful timeless collection for men and women. Everything about the line looked wearable and fun. I think they should add those two attributes to their list too!

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