Friday, July 20, 2012

Far Left / Santigold is wearing: Versace dress, Tom Ford Clutch & Alexander Wang shoes / Image via Harper's Bazaar

It's been four long years since Santigold first hit the music scene - helping us to expand our acceptance of  spandex pants worn in public and keeping our eardrums busy with fresh and incredibly catchy beats.  All these many years later I now own two fabulous pairs of spandex pants (Thanks, American Apparel!) and I still have every one of her songs on my iTunes and I'm in no rush to remove them.

Santi White, better known as Santigold, formerly Santogold (Are you confused yet?) is in no rush either. She's plotted and planned and spent the past few years putting together a new album that had exactly what she was after creatively - unwilling to just pump out another album just because it was what everyone else was doing. Say no to peer pressure, everyone! Quality over quantity.

That being said, her new album entitled Master of My Make-Believe was released this past May, a very welcome and very anticipated follow up to her last album. You can find her latest music video entitled "The Keepers" HERE.

Uncompromising on quality, Santigold's style choices also reflect the high standards she has for her music. She leans toward the avant-guard and has a particular fondness for spandex, prints and innovative styles. It's not surprising to see her in something loud and curious, a fact among many - that I absolutely love about her.  

Santigold:Trends to try
Sunglasses with funky frames, crop tops, ankle length boots, stripes, sequins and statement necklaces with flair.

Bust out those spandex pants too, you'll thank me later.



By Malene Birger cuffed pants / Savant / BCBG Max Azria chain jewelry / Marc by Marc Jacobs brass jewelry

Images: 1. Harper's Bazaar -  Alex Lubomirski  2&3. Foam Magazine

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