Tuesday, September 4, 2012

As sweet as local honey and with a voice to match, Odessa Rose will leave a taste in your mouth you won't soon forget.
Odessa's folk inspired sound has oh so easily won over the Nashville natives she's performed for; most recently performing for local jean artisans, Imogene + Willie at their August edition of SUPPER & SONG, a monthly event filled with talented musicians, stylish people, good shopping and delicious eats.
Oh and it's BYOB too. Because, you know, that's how we roll in Nashville.
You can get a taste of Odessa's sultry sound in Imogene + Willie's F/W VIDEO  where she performs "Hummed Low". If you're a Nashville local you can find Odessa's EP at Imogene + Willie - all of which have hand drawn covers! Don't miss out.

If you're not within reach of I+W -- you can find more of Odessa's musical stylings HERE and her Facebook HERE.


LM: What inspires you when choosing pieces to add to your wardrobe? 
ODESSA: the color yellow. sleep deprivation. marijuana. 

LM: How do you choose your daily ensemble? Are you a planner or do you just throw something together in a hurry?  
ODESSA: i really wish that i could be naked all of the i change my clothes until the outcome feels the most comfortable on my body. i never plan anything.

LM: What pieces in your closet can you not live without?

ODESSA: right now... my long yellow polyester sundress, my high waisted white jeans, and my blue suede heels. 


LM: What is your all time most despised fashion trend?
ODESSA: The 80ies. 


LM:Favorite Fashion trend?
ODESSA: Colorblock

LM:Do your music choices influence the way that you dress?
ODESSA: Maybe sometimes subliminally.

LM: Name five items you never leave the house without:
ODESSA: My small red notebook (that holds my id and money inside) a mason jar full of water. My two turquoise rings. A fine point pen. Coconut oil.

LM: Favorite designers / labels / why?

ODESSA: D&G. They make pieces that make women look stunning. Besides that, I don't have any specific favorite designers really. I love vintage clothes. Clothes from the 70ies are my digs. Long slender dresses in light pastels, high waists and leather fringe. yum. 

{All Images via ODESSA ROSE}

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