Monday, October 22, 2012

Oh, I know you've all missed me terribly. It's okay! I'm back now! 


After a little over a week's hiatus I'm trying to get back into the blogging swing. Things have been... interesting... this past week. Here's a little summary of what's been going on in my life, what to expect in the future from LM, and a bit of welcome / exciting news!

You haven't seen me updating lately for these three reasons:

1. I'm reading Cloud Atlas. I can't put it down! I'm trying to devour it as quickly as possible before the movie debuts the 26th of this month. I originally bought it for some heavy, five hour flight reading (which I'll delve into further in a moment) but once I picked it up, I couldn't stop.

I'm also loving my Kindle - which I've had for several months but haven't really used up until I bought Cloud Atlas. What a spectacular device! I'm sad to see less bound books in the world, but Kindle has totally won me over. Save the trees. 

Check out Cloud Atlas on Amazon, the amazing trailer HERE, or my personal favorite - songs from the movie: Cloud Atlas Sextet & M83 - Outro

{Image HERE}

2. I got sick and lost my voice for three days. Yay. Which brings me to the next topic: Natural Health! Expect a few natural living / natural health posts sandwiched between my fashion and DIY musings. I was fortunate to be raised in a home where a lot of emphasis was put on natural alternatives, which makes it a very real and very personal topic that I'd love to start sharing more of with you! 

3. And above all - my best news: I'm going to New York! Alright, well it isn't permanent, so all of my Nashville readers don't have to mourn my absence (haha) but I will be spending a solid ten wonderful days in the Big Apple surrounded by sweet friends and sweet shopping spots. If you're a blogger in the NYC area and you'd like to meet up for shopping / drinks / lunch - you should contact me! It could be fun! 

I'm really excited to share my upcoming New York posts! Expect a flood of those in the very near future. A FLOOOOOD.

{365 Days of Hand Lettering by Lisa Congdon HERE}

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