Monday, February 20, 2012

Oh, I know you guys have missed me! Its been over a week since my last post. If you wondered where I've been, and what could possibly be more important than blogging about the latest fashion (I was too busy to enjoy NYFW - insert sad face) Then wonder no more. I was packing.  Following a tumultuous last few months, my best interests and self respect are leading me elsewhere. I was convinced as a child that I'd own my own home by the time I was twenty-five, and I swear - at that age it seemed like an easy enough goal. Instead, I've probably moved more in the last five years of my life than most people move in twenty years. That being said, I shouldn't complain too much. I've come across some amazing people and lived in some interesting places.  

Here are some simple tips to go by if you happen to find yourself  ready to fly the coop. 

1. Have enough supplies. It will save time/ energy.  

2. Start packing early. Bribe friends. Have a packing party.

3. Pack each room separately. 

4. Color code your boxes,  either by room or by items. You can buy colored stickers for less than $2 at any store.

5. Organize while you pack. It may take more time, but it will pay off when you're searching for something.

6.  Separate clothes by Season. While you're separating; Cull the flock. 

7. Keep jewelry from becoming tangled by taping each necklace individually at the top and bottom with painter's tape to a square piece of cardboard. It will keep the chains from getting all knotty. Everyone hates that shit. 

8. Package loose jewelry like bracelets, rings, ect. in zip lock baggies, jars or cosmetic bags. 

9. Use plastic bins instead of cardboard boxes for your fancy things. I also use them for shoes. They may be pricey but they are totally worth the investment. I find that because they hold their shape, my shoes don't get all smashed and awkward.  Another way to avoid smashed/awkward shoes - Fill shoes with newspaper. 

10.  If possible, store the seasonal clothes that aren't applicable to the current season. It's good to have extra space in your closet. Furs don't belong in your summer wardrobe.

11. Reward said bribed friends with pizza, beer, and free stuff you're too lazy to take to goodwill. WIN/WIN.

12. Whether you're going a long distance, or a short one - it's good to get a box count. I usually number each box next to the description of its contents and write down the total number of boxes in addition. Example: "Box 1 out of 12" Because I swear to god there is a Bermuda Triangle where some of my boxes have gone to die. Where are you vintage Louis Vuitton sweater? I miss you! Come home!