Tuesday, April 9, 2013

I'll try and contain my excitement, but please forgive me if I use too many exclamation points this post, but I mean it! It was so exciting! See. 

I'm still a bit irritated with our ever fluxuating "spring" weather here in Nashville. Let's be frank. It SUCKS. I guess I shouldn't be doing much complaining today since it's a beautiful, sunny, seventy degree day  but Wednesday was a far cry from warm.  I am sometimes a bit ding-batty and didn't realize the show was going to be held outside this year - packing only a windbreaker when I should have bust out the fur. 

Oh well! Pain is beauty. Or something silly like that.

Aside from my intolerance to cold, the Trolly Barn was a great little space to set up a runway. The brick buildings that sandwiched us in the middle kept the wind at bay for the most part and really made for a great background for photos. It was chic, simple and fun! Cold too, but luckily, as I mentioned in my Industry Panel post - thanks to all of the free Red Bull - I couldn't really feel my face or my feet anyway. Or wait, I guess that could have been due to the cold. Either way. 

Kat Seaton has an amazing eye for mixing textures and prints, something I'm super into right now. Everything from her line was feminine and used perfect flouncy, flattering shapes. Any one of her pieces would be a welcome addition to any successful woman's wardrobe. Everything was so wearable and flirty, but could translate nicely from a work environment to date night.  I just keep hearing "LIKE A BOSS!" in my mind the entire length of her runway show.

I've been creepily stalking TUFT for a while now. (Just realized how often I talk about being a stalker, but it's true!) An amalgam of wearable art meets fairy tale acid trip, TUFT is the definition of cool. I haven't said cool since the 90's, so you know it must be true. I mean what isn't cool about ruffles or metallics or super sexy mini dresses and skirts? One of my favorite parts of her runway collection was that she spray painted / glittered all of the model's shoes. Brilliant and a creative crafter. I'm in love.

How much bad-assery can one collection possibly contain? The answer is - a hell of a whole lot - especially in designer Poni Silver's case. I see hints of a 1970's ultra-chic 'disco isn't dead but rock and roll is better' vibe, which I can't help but associate with two of my favorite movies, Dazed and Confused and Almost Famous. The color palette she used was magnificent. I want all of it.

Pink Elephants by Truly Alvarenga 
Truly knows exactly how to create the perfect fairy tale princess wardrobe. She uses elegant fabrics in dainty, girly colors and silhouettes that look like they belong in a Disney movie. She also had a great take on embellished leather jackets and faux furs in her signature color, pink! Just like her hair and design line! I feel a Disney sing-along coming on. Who's with me?

Oh, T.Rains, you never fail to surprise me. Traver Rains (co-creator of iconic brand Heatherette) is one of the crowd favorites every year for his outlandishly fabulous designs and signature speedos. (Although I felt bad for the boys in speedos this year since we were outside in forty degree weather! Poor guys!) This year he really stepped up his game with some fierce gowns, great prints (American flag dress, yes please.) and interesting fabrics - not to mention how incredibly ferocious his models looked sporting sleek black ponies and dark black eyes. Work it. 

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