Saturday, April 6, 2013

(Amanda Valentine of Project Runway & Libby Callaway)

Listening to the industry panels this year was incredibly motivating. If I didn't already want to step up my game -  I sure do now! Hearing from the industries top stylish voices was such a blast, I saw some of my favorite folks and added a few new ones to my "Stalk These People Online" list. Yeah, I totally have one of those.  You can see the full list of  panelists HERE

Some highlights for me were definitely being able to finally meet Libby Callaway, one of my favorites to follow. She's a great stylist, talented journalist and has worked with big names in the industry including The New York Post (being the former fashion editor) and Glamour Magazine. She's dabbled in vintage sales as well, owning Diamond Star Halo Vintage, which closed the beginning of last year. Jill of all trades, obviously! 

StyleBluePrint Nashville included Libby as a guest blogger in 2010, where she unknowingly makes a Nostradamus like prediction when she shares her love of Camo and Earthy tones, something extremely hot right now for spring. Not only that, but she shares here favorite hot spot to find camo and other military inspired goodies. You can find this article over HERE

Amanda Valentine, creater of Valentine Valentine was also as always a joy to listen to. I enjoyed her Project Runway commentary, so I knew I'd love this. She had some excellent things to say, it was a refreshing take on a lot of different aspects of the industry, both the good and the bad. 

And just to keep things short, one more. 

Lets talk about my new favorite fashion vixen, Sally Lyndley! I'm really glad NFW brought her in. It really was a great insight into the constantly networking mind of the social media machine. Did you know that Jenna Marbles makes something obscene like one million dollars off of her Youtube sponsors? Mind Blown. Learning new things is fun, ya'll. You can find more about Sally HERE on her Facebook and HERE in a feature via Nashville Scene. 

Thank you NFW for doing such a great job on picking panelists! I'm going to just throw this out there and say it's one of my favorite parts of Nashville Fashion Week. 

And one final very enthusiastic caffeine coma inducing thank you to Red Bull for sponsoring. I'm not gonna lie. I took a few cans home with me. (THAT CRANBERRY RED BULL OMG)I can't feel my face, or the pain in my feet from walking around in high heels non-stop all week. Much appreciated! 

The adorable Abby White of Nashville Scene. I LOVE HER DRESS. 

Lindsay Timberlake from Thriftophile // Heirloom & Codie Gentry of The Tennesseean & A Brunette. + Me. 

+I'm wearing vintage that I've altered & shoes are Jeffrey Campbell Soiree. If you're curious about my hair color, thank Reyna Waller at Salon YaYa off 21st Ave. Mention me and get $20 off your first service! Whaaaaaat!+

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