Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I've seen braided bracelets a plenty this season and I've been enjoying watching the trend evolve. Each crafter puts a different spin on it and I must admit I've seen some hardcore amazingly talented ladies create some serious bracelets. You can't scroll through Pinterest without seeing at least eight versions of this craft. 

I grew up in Phoenix, Arizona so Turquoise is a constant staple in my wardrobe. Those from my sunny home state I'm sure can relate. I decided to incorporate my favorite stone with my favorite DIY to create this little piece. So, add some flare to your arm party with this fun DIY.


Turquoise stones or Turquoise colored beads
Sturdy bracelet wire
"S" Clasp or other type of lock closure
Embroidery thread in various colors

(The picture doesn't do the color justice, but I chose a Salmon Color Pink, a Baby Pink and two shades of blue) 

1. String together your bracelet, being careful to measure it to fit appropriately. 

2. Attach the clasp and clasp ring.

3. Cut several layers of string and tie them together at the end to keep them from unraveling. 

4. From there, braid the string normally + then attach it to your finished project.  I cut off the ends to give it a little short fringe look. 

Now wasn't that easy? If you have a free 30 minutes, this is a great project! 


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