Friday, March 2, 2012

I spent my day trying not to blow away. Spring sure does rush in quickly and violently. I guess most changes are quick and violent, at least the ones that matter. Hope everyone stayed safe and dry.

This week in pictures:

Me + My adorable red headed flora princess, Sara Bates wearing furs on the trampoline!

Loose Leaf Herbs from Center of Symmetry, It's Tea Time!

If You haven't tried Dry Lavender Soda yet, your life is incomplete. Roasted Red Pepper Salad + Dry Lavender Soda from THE TURNIP TRUCK EAST NASHVILLE

An easy DIY! Lapel pins make for adorable bow ties. 

My little Silkie Bantam, Sugar

The Stylish Codie Gentry of A BRUNETTE
P.S. - She made that sweet bow tie! 

I scored this awkwardly awesome striped shirt from Goodwill for $2. I just can't identify the plant embroidery... 

I found this hopeful card while cleaning out my car!

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