Thursday, March 15, 2012

This is a great DIY for Spring! Most importantly, this happy little addition to your wardrobe was easy as pie to make. Get excited. 

1. X-Acto Knife
2. Silver poster board or thick crafting paper
3. Pin Backs 1 1/2"
4. Glue + Hot Glue Gun

Find a hard surface that is safe to cut on.  I used a thick magazine as a cutting board. 

Trace out whatever shape you'd like! I made a moth, but I think a triangle, diamond or bird would be cute too. Just saying.

After tracing out my moth shape on the non-shiny side (back) of the paper, I went around it slowly with the X-Acto knife. Make sure you push all the way through the paper! After you've achieved the shape you'd like, just pop it out. 

I added a few little cuts in mine to add character to the wings. 

Glue your pin back to the non-shiny side of the paper, wait for it to dry and then enjoy! 


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