Friday, March 30, 2012


WHITE RABBIT by Shea Steele,  Red Doll by Tatvana Merenvuk, G-Star, Katharine Kidd, Versace

The only fact brighter and more beautiful than Versace taking their time to show here in Nashville was the fact that the runway venue of choice was The Parthenon. For those of you who aren't locals, you should definitely check out the above link with photos of the architecture. And of course - the massive, golden statue of Athena tucked away inside. 

The Parthenon is such a beautiful part of our city, and I'm so glad they included that beauty in this year's Fashion Week. 

The party starter that night was WHITE RABBIT, which was a beautiful mix of textures and patterns combined with playful shapes that were also practical. It really was perfect RTW. It made me feel like I should be sitting in a garden, surrounded by roses and drinking strong tea. 

RED DOLL by Tatyana Merenyuk

I'm just going to go ahead and say what everyone is thinking. Red Doll was a total show stopper. The only thing more delightful to look at than the collection itself, was the delighted faces of the audience as they watched each delicate piece float down the runway. And when I say float, it really was just like that! Every single piece looked light as air, perfectly put together. There was such a perfect blend of femininity combined with a fairy tale happiness, I can only childishly refer to as magic! 


G-STAR had a great sophisticated / chic look. I really loved the autumn tones and snuggly fabrics. My favorite look was definitely the one donning the orange blazer. The cut alone was perfect, and although I've only recently become a fan of orange - this is the most beautiful color. It was also hard for me to not get distracted due to all the amazing footwear. Do I spy Jeffery Campbell? 

Such a great variation in shapes and styles! I also liked the color palette - several shades of purples and blues. My favorite pieces were the two sequined dresses above. Perfect shape, perfect fabric, perfect everything. Of course the beauties wearing it were also perfect. 

VERSACE! I'm so glad you made us all feel special. I'm also really glad we got to enjoy men's wear pieces as well as women's. The collection was what I'd consider typical Versace, using familiar pattern styles and simplistic shapes. The Men's wear was classic and quite sharp. I also saw a lot of great combat style above the ankle boots on the vast majority of all male models throughout the night, a great trend that's been catching on like wild fire. 

Another highlight of my night, meeting fellow blogger and stylish sweetheart, CosmiCaroline (On right)

Keep checking back for Saturday Night's Fashion Finale. 

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