Thursday, May 10, 2012


I used a bandana for this project, but quite frankly, you could make one of these out of just about anything. Get creative! Try denim, or burlap, or if you're feeling sparkly - maybe a sequin fabric. The sky is the limit, people. 

You'll Need:
1. Bandana / Fabric of choice
2. Scissors 
3. Hot glue or Fabric glue
4. Inch long pin backs 

Step 1:
Lay your fabric out flat, I cut out a large square because I wanted a larger bow. Keep in mind that you'll tuck in half an inch around the entirety of the square so cut it a little bit bigger than you want the bow to be.

Step 2: 
After cutting the square, tuck in the selvage around all four corners and glue each folded corner so the fabric stays down (This won't show - it will be tucked in the inside of the bow) Each corner should look like square 3 in the bottom picture.

Step 4:
Cut a small strip that will serve as the middle of the bow, holding the form together. Make sure it is long enough to wrap around the middle a few times for support. (square 4)

Step 5:
After you've glued all the corners, fold the square in two - making sure the folded corners are facing the inside of the fold so they don't show. (BELOW)

Step 6:
The best way to describe this would be: squish the bow using three fingers in the middle to create the ridged bow shape. Work with it and mold it until you've perfected the shape.

Step 7:
Start by wrapping your middle piece around the center of the bow. Glue the top of the strip down in the back for support then begin to wrap the length of the strip around the center. Once you wrap it around completely, try to hide the end of the strip in the back and glue it down. 

Step 8:
Attach the metal pin back using hot glue - and you're good as gold! 

And Viola:

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