Thursday, July 5, 2012

The fall runways have been unbelievably packed full of creative shoes this year. Some verge on crazy, while others have great flair and unlimited possibilities in regards to wear. 

That being said, here are a few fantastical favorites I've been obsessed with DIY-ing. 

Isabel Marant F/2012

Studding will never go out of style. Which is just fine with me, I have been and always will be a fan of studs and spikes. My obsession started somewhere in middle school and continues to this very day. 

Clones and Clowns has the right idea. You can find a tutorial on how to create a similar look using flats instead of boots (but really the idea isn't limited by shoe type!) HERE.

Lanvin F/2012

I love all things glitter, but feel when it comes to fashion - all sparkly things in moderation! These dainty and feminine glitter soled pumps from Lanvin are a perfect example of my firm beliefs. Just enough sparkle! 

You can find a great tutorial on how to create this look for yourself over at Could I Have That. DIY and then hit the dance floor. Ferrrealz though. 

Jean Paul Gaultier F/2012

Alright, although I do know it might be difficult to find this metallic shade in the spray paint isle, the look still thrills me. What about using rose gold spray paint instead? Silver? Everyone has an old pair of wedged booties laying around. Bust those puppies out and get spraying.

Erdem F/2012

You could achieve this look one of two ways. First, you could Modge Podge lace or floral cut outs to an old pair of boots - or to get the general feel of this colorful style you could just fling around some paint or take the time to paint on little flowers or patterns in various colors. 

If you've taken the time to recreate any of these amazing shoe styles (or any F/W runway shoe looks) Please feel free to send me pictures and a link to your blog or website and how you would like to be credited and I'll post the look on my blog. Now, wouldn't that be fun?

(Images via NYMAG)

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