Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I was fortunate enough to get the opportunity to take photos for Nashville's Out and About Newspaper for Fashion Week. On top of that big bunch of awesome - I got to spend my time enjoying the shows with my best friend and O&A contributing writer, Codie Gentry. (Find her coverage of the week's events HERE and keep an eye out for them in O&A's April Issue.) 

Although I only made it out for Tuesdays's kick off night, Friday night at the Parthenon & Saturday's closing night, three out of five isn't too bad! I met some amazing fellow bloggers who I've been stalking... I mean, admiring for quite some time, several extremely talented designers, and a wide array of fashionable style obsessed ladies (And men!). It's easy to say that this week was straight up awesome. 

Director Mike Smith with beautiful NFW hostess, Suzy Wong of Suzy Wong's House of Yum

One of the musical acts for the evening, 

Check out Chance's musical talent in action, HERE.

Suzy Wong + Milton White, who had on the most amazing array of sparkly flip flops all week!

Local Celebrities, Radio Personality Intern Adam + The lovely Heather Byrd of Byrd's Eye View

Local sweetheart VALENTINE VALENTINE by Amanda Valentine

I have to share my local love of Amanda Valentine, especially her use of Space Age-esque fabrics. I love how everything had dimension and texture. Not to mention her crop top designs, which thrilled me. I'm the biggest fan of cropped tops. Ever. Now if only I could get my hands on one of those brilliant iridescent skirts, my life would be perfect. 

I was disappointed my camera decided to be unmanageable during the BYSMITH + T.Rains shows, so I only ended up with a few photos. 

BySmith was simple and classic and had a lot of mass appeal. There were a lot of bright jewel toned colors and shimmering fabrics combined with basic shapes that could flatter nearly any body. 

T.RAINS, who is also the former co-creator of Heatherettewas quite the visual experience, employing bright hair colors, sequins, full ball gowns and flashy men's wear. By flashy, I mean a lot of hot guys in speedos. No complaints here. 

Since my photos were lacking for kick off night, you can check out the official NFW Photo Galleries for more. 

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