Thursday, May 17, 2012

If you're looking for a little local inspiration, then look no further! I've combed the inter-webz for the most "Pinteresting" Nashville blogs, brands and people for your viewing pleasure. 

Soak it up.

Pennyweight is one of my favorite Nashville bloggers and was recently the host of an adorable event put on by West Elm & Etsy. Check out photos from the event HERE. Pinterest: HERE 

Hannah Jones of JAMIE AND THE JONES is amazingly talented. In addition to being talented, she has GREAT taste. I really love how she color coordinates her Pinterest boards. Too cute. Find her Pinterest HERE 

imogene + willie 
While we're off dealing with dumb every day  life things, the brainiacs  at imogene + willie are creating denim masterpieces that will one day save humanity. You think I'm kidding? Visit them on PINTEREST to see what they find inspiring. 

If you're an East Nashville local and you haven't already visited OMG at least twelve times, then - well, we just can't be friends.  Whether you need an outfit for a date night, a refinished antique cabinet, or a vintage Ouija board - Old Made Good has your ass covered. I used ass in this instance just because I know the lovely ladies who work there have a penchant for potty mouthed art and jewelry along with an appreciation of foul humor. 

I will shamelessly admit that I am the same.
Pinterest - HERE

Lindsay Timberlake of TODAY I'M WEARING is a long standing friend and a beautiful and stylish inspiration. If you haven't already noticed. Find her Pinterest HERE and check out her BLOG for more!

A Brunette
Alright my voluptuous, plus size fashion goddesses - this PINTEREST is for you. Codie is amazing, and having a best friend who also obsesses daily over fashion blogs, the latest DIYs and runway trends is a dream come true. A Brunette focuses on plus size ladies and shares tips and tricks on achieving runway looks with real life prices. 

Lindsay Farrer is the beauty & brains behind my favorite local jewelry brand, Simon and Ruby.  S&R combine delicate designs with an earthy edge so every piece is a statement.  You can find more from Simon and Ruby on their website, or follow Lindsay on PINTEREST to see what gets her creative juices flowing. 

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