Monday, July 9, 2012

“Vintage has to make me feel nostalgic. There’s a lost time that still exists in clothing and materials. It kind of makes up for the fact that you’re never able to go back in time.” 
- Oh Land via Elle Magazine

For those of us whose favorite things consist of music and fashion there is no greater joy than when they both meet. My current case in point: Nanna Oland Fabricius, the Copenhagen native and one woman powerhouse behind Oh Land. 

Image Credit: Brooke Nipar for Flavor Magazine

I’m not sure if world domination was on Nanna's mind when she started out, but it’s my firmly planted belief that she’s well on her way to pop stardom. She shared stages with Sia and Katy Perry in 2011 after releasing her latest self titled album, Oh Land and also spent a lot of time then after appearing on talk shows and churning out interviews for music and fashion magazines left and right. 

Image Credit -Marie Claire February 2012

With a capricious style that changes as the winds blow, Oh Land never disappoints on stage or off. Her fanciful stage-wear finds a place somewhere between Bjork and Lady Gaga, while still managing to remain true to her pop roots and vintage tastes. 

And she certainly has good taste. Notorious for being an ardent vintage shopper, she pairs those priceless vintage finds with of the moment trends, evoking something of an 'old meets new' feel. A perfect representation of herself, her style and her music tastes. 

Image via Getty Images

Oh Land at the "Late Show With David Letterman" in New York. March 3, 2011.

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