Thursday, June 6, 2013

It's been far too long since we last had a crimper revival. 

Remember that old crimper you had in middle school? Dust that thing off and get crimpy with it.

 I was delighted to re-discover mine after weeks of searching.  Though it was fun rummaging through all of my middle school drivel, (an array of bright notes passed between classes, gel pens, sparkly smiley face stickers, a Furby and a stack of old year books) my most pleasant discovery was my long lost crimper. 

The end result = mermaid hair. Jealous? 
You should be. Need some tips to pull off the perfectly crimped coif? Check out these six easy steps!

Crimping Iron $130 / Forever 21 Hair Brush  $3.80 / Bumble and Bumble - Holding Spray  $21 / Kiehl's Shine Spray $16 / Target Fine Tooth Comb $10 / Fekkai Advanced Thermal UV Protectant $25 + Bobby Pins! 

1. Dirty hair always works best.  The day after a shampoo will provide the most volumous results.  

2. If you need to crimp the day of a shampoo - apply generous amounts of dry shampoo to roots then spray in a good bit of hair spray throughout the entirety of your hair and start crimping. 

3.  Invest in good product! Cheap hair products get cheap results. Ya dig?

4.  Three very important words: HEAT PROTECTANT SPRAY. 

5. If you're the type to only wash your hair every 2-3 days, switch up styles to keep your crimps looking fresh. An up-do with some bobby pins or a tight pony will give you a sleek business look if you've got a 9-5er and have to appease your boss by down playing your crazy tresses. 

6. Be bold! Many crimping irons have various plates you can interchange to make your crimps larger or smaller. Some even have metal plates with heart shapes on them. Mind blown, I know. 

Need some crimpspiration? How about these sassy crimped styles as seen on the runway! I'm in love with that wrapped pony. How great would that be on a hot summer day? 

(Images via Getty)


  1. You hair looks great, you did a nice job! Hope you're doing well Katie!


    1. Thanks girl! I miss you in TN, come back! :D

  2. Aww I remember crimping my hair when I was little.
    Great come back, I wonder where my crimper is!!

    1. If you find it I definitely want to see some pictures! <3

  3. I've been braiding while hair is wet for similar effect.