Tuesday, February 7, 2012


I'm sure, being the stylish and sophisticated woman that you are, you've begun to notice the changing variety in hemlines as of late. Last year we saw the hemline fall to ankle lengths, with full length skirts and maxi dresses. A welcome change from the short, short days of yore. 

Now lets say that a short flirty skirt and a stylishly draped full length had a baby... You'd end up with these beauties. The best of both worlds. You've heard them called Fish Tail skirts, Mullet Skirts, Asymmetrical Skirts and everything in between. What are they? Perhaps we'll never really know - Maybe some glorious product of Alien Technology, but they're so awesome that it doesn't even matter.

NASTYGAL Shiffon skirt, $58 NASTYGAL Skirt, $58 DELIAS Floral skirt, $40 Zara asymmetrical skirt, $50 Mason by Michelle Mason elastic waist skirt, $230 Aminaka Wilmont chiffon mini skirt, $535

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