Sunday, September 9, 2012

I'm beyond jealous of all my peers who are currently attending the holy of holies otherwise known as New York Fashion Week. 

Watching the constant status updates and picture posts flooding my Instagram stream, Facebook feed and every other social networking site known to man has been sheer torture - but the pleasurable kind of torture. Am I a fashion masochist? Probably.

To make up for the lack of New York in my life - my sweet group of fashion obsessed besties and I decided to drown our sorrows in shopping with Nashville's version of Fashion's Night Out - which was held at the Green Hills Mall by several participating boutiques and shops, one of which - was Gus Mayer! 

This was the first time I'd wandered in, and I can confidently say that it won't by any means be my last. Gus Mayer had such an incredible selection for any woman, any age and any taste. Their styles ranged from classic staples to creative, structured and flamboyant. I drooled over beautiful peplum dresses, unique fabrics covered in great prints and one particular handbag in green horsehair that made me want to sell my soul - or at the very least my first born child. It was really THAT amazing. 

Another favorite had to have been the beautiful, earthy selection of jewelry by designer l i s a   r o s e   a r o n o w  whose taste, creativity and eye for design was immaculate.  I couldn't stop going on about how creative this display of rings was! I swear I'm giving that one a DIY try for sure - so everyone better watch out. 

These corsets will change your life. How do I know? I'm now a lucky owner of an Ani & Ari (designers pictured above)corset after a fun little in-store raffle put on by the Gus Mayer team. I rarely win contests so it's always a thrill. And this thing is AMAZING. And by amazing, I mean uhhhh-maziiingg. 

I wouldn't expect anything less from the dainty duo - who have also created looks for Hayden Panettiere (FOR ABC's "NASHVILLE" finally premiering October 10th!) & country star Carrie Underwood.

I've been internet-stalking this Prabal Gurung dress for quite some time. You have no idea how inspiring it was to see it in person! Maybe I'll win the lottery soon. 

What a fun Fashion's Night Out with the girls! More pictures to come soon. 

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