Tuesday, September 11, 2012

I needed a little aloha in my life. RueBelle Designs must have somehow sensed this all the way from Maui when they contacted me a few weeks ago about sending me a sweet little gift. I'm a jewelry fanatic and I'm always one for quality over quantity and I really do appreciate when I can get my hands on something simple, stylish and well made. 

This beautiful pink bracelet from RueBelle is just that. 

 I can wear this piece with absolutely anything! Not only that - but its classic style enables it to travel from season to season without becoming outdated. I appreciate classic things. They last FOR. EVER. 

RueBelle has been rocked by celebs like Catherine Zeta Jones and Milla Jovovich and also featured in Marie Claire, Zink and Elle.
You can find more from RueBelle HERE.

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