Tuesday, June 26, 2012


In case you haven't already heard the news: 

Who's surprised these bad boys have finally made their fashion comeback with such a ninety's resurgence happening these days? I've seen an abundance of Lisa Frank, smiley face prints galore, and enough tie dye to put out someone's eyes in the last six months. 

 Even youngster Miley Cyrus has caught the 90's fashion virus. She has been spotted on numerous occasions sporting cut off denim shorts, white tank tops and a variety of plaid button up shirts dangling around her waist. Are you channeling Kurt Cobain, Miley? 

But much more than any of these, there can remain only one true reminder of ninety's fashion bliss for me,  and that's the flat form.  

In fact, I'm going to be the first to admit that I owned two pairs and that my fifteen year old heart was just as happy as it could be that my Mom allowed me to get away with wearing them.  Sure I wasn't allowed to wear makeup quite yet, but what was the harm in wearing high stacked tennis shoes, right?

 I would longingly stare up at my favorite ninety's girl band posters and long for their fancy footwear. If I wanted to get all Freudian, I guess I could contribute the past eleven years of my shoe obsession to those stylish, british pop goddesses and their wide array of shoe porn. 

Wow, I suddenly understand my life a lot more now. 

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