Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Friendsgiving may not be on anyone else's calendar, but it's an integral part of my holiday season.  It's wedged smack dab in the middle of Thanksgiving and Christmas - an added bonus to the season's festivities and feast filled events.  Just one more excuse to eat, drink and be merry. 

This makes Friendsgiving 2.0, and hopefully will continue as a tradition for years to come. 

We had a great turn out, a huge variety of delicious treats and an open bar which I created out of an old re-purposed window, but we'll get to that later.

I could go on for hours about Friendgiving, but in this post I'm just going to focus on cheap, quick holiday decoration ideas for those of us who are desperately trying to budget this holiday season. 

Think Outside The Box
Re-purposing is not only a way to practice mindfulness but also a way to show appreciation for the things we do have by taking the time to find new uses for items we would otherwise just toss.

Old Is The New New. 
The mantel piece set-up found in my pictures below was created out of old reclaimed wood our adorable elderly neighbor ripped off his home in order to put up siding. We grabbed several pieces; some for the chicken coop, some for shelves, and we even used a few boards in a wedding photo booth - writing the bride & groom's names on them along with their wedding date. It was suuuuper cute. 

Alright, so this wasn't repurposed - but it's really, really cute. I will make a note here though, that you can totally find hundreds of tutorials online to make similar cute display stands out of vintage plates or glassware glued together.  Google it! 

Treat Stand via Target // 
Macaroons via The Painted Cupcake in Green Hills 

I picked up this idea from Style Me Pretty a few weeks ago, featuring it in my DIY: THANKSGIVING DAY DECOR post. I really didn't know how daunting a task stripping the labels off of fourteen bottles was going to be - but two days and a bathtub full of floating wine bottles later: Success! I'm sure there's a better way to strip off the labels, but taking up the only bathtub in the house for two days was funnier. 

I picked up this little green wreathe at Michaels craft store last weekend on sale for about $2, plus a huge sale on decorative ribbon with a 40% off coupon - WINNING. 

I had a few other little random delights floating around the house that I thought might make for good focal points - These deer antlers came from the Nashville Flea Market, I got them for about $20. My roommate also had a stash of vintage cameras just floating around by themselves which I gathered up into this antiqued bucket. 

This bar box was re-purposed from an old window. The glass was still in the bottom which helped keep spills to a minimum. I added a few finishing Thanksgiving themed touches by spray painting the tips of feathers gold - another great DIY via m-funk which you can also find included in my DIY: THANKSGIVING DAY DECOR post - in addition to spray painting a few pumpkins and an old Patron bottle turned vase. 

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