I'm a student at Aveda Institute Nashville. I sometimes forget to blog for months because I'm busy playing with hair. 

Outside of blogging I do / like these things:
Memoirs, conspiracy theories, Alexander Wang, the Harry Potter series in its entirety, video games, reading about space, quantum mechanics, theoretical physics, rain sounds, frosted cookies, occasional yoga, but not enough to brag about it. Coffee, coffee shops and anything pertaining to coffee. Same goes for vodka. Big warm sweaters and house socks. Very long baths. 

You can find me on Pinterest, Polyvore, Twitter, Tumblr & Facebook. Although I'm sure you'll pick up on this quick - Pinterest is definitely where I spend most of my online time. Pinterest Anon anyone? 

You can also find my content syndicated through Lucky Magazine's Style Collective and my music related posts over at Brite. I also handle the Observatory // Street Style section of Native Magazine. So make sure you don't leave your house in sweatpants. 

Nashville Fashion Week 2012





Contact: Kathryn
le.minimalist@gmail.com // East Nashville, TN

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  1. Hey! Have you heard for BlogNashville? It is a new group of Nashville area bloggers. We've had two events thus far and I'm sure will have more in the near future. Check the group out on Facebook :https://www.facebook.com/BlogNashville?fref=ts
    Email: BlogNashvilleTN@gmail.com

    The group was started by Jessica Reasons from DahliaLynn and Jessica S. from Here & Now.

    We'd love to see you at an event.

    BTW, I'm Krystal from Peculiar Pearl --peculiarpearl.wordpress.com

    Love your blog.